Conference Tracks

Thematic Areas

A. Biofuels: Biofuels and Biorefineries (Biodiesel, Bioethanol), Waste to Biofuels, Algae, Anaerobic Digestion, BTL, Biorefineries, Sustainability Assessment.
B. Combustion and Reactive Flows: Combustion Diagnostics, Laminar and Turbulent Combustion, Numerical Modeling of Combustion, Sprays & Droplet Combustion, Combustion Applications in Gas Turbines, Internal Combustion Engines, Rocket Propulsion.
C. Thermal Energy Systems: Clean Coal, Fluidized-bed, Combined Cycles, Advanced Cycles, Flexible Operation, Cogeneration, Waste-to-Energy, Thermal Energy Storage, Nuclear Plants, Fuel Cells, Batteries.
D. Alternate and Renewable Energy Systems: Biomass/Biofuels/Biogas-based Technologies, Thermo-chemical Processes: Pyrolysis and Gasification, Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Technologies, Renewable energy, Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Technologies (Stationary, Mobile, Small applications, Electrolysis, Reforming, Nuclear Hydrogen).
E. Advanced topics in Sustainable Energy: Carbon Capture and Storage and Sequestration , Oxy-fuel Combustion, Micro- and Nano-technologies for Sustainable Development of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy and Sustainability.
F. Advanced topics in water and Waste water Management: Emerging Pollutants, water treatment technologies, Industrial and domestic waste water management, ZLD, Decentralized systems, advanced technological options, water energy nexus.
G. Air Pollution Monitoring and Control: Ambient & indoor pollution challenges, Industrial air pollution control, Automobile Emission Control, E-mobility, Sustainable transportation, Indoor air quality, Solid Fuel emissions, Sensor based Monitoring options & other areas related to air pollution, climate change.
H. Sustainable Waste Management: Industrial & municipal waste management, waste to wealth, waste minimization, waste collection & segregation, e-waste, Circular economy, emerging wastes. Sustainable urban environment..